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Plant of the Month - September

Plant of the Month - September

Our plant of the month is the Heuchera. This highly ornamental evergreen herbaceous plant is at home in a patio pot or planted in the garden. It has great year round appeal and is available in gorgeous colours.

Heucheras really come into their own in autumn as their leaves often take on autumnal hues, giving rise to lovely seasonal shades at a time when colour is fading in the garden.

Heucheras are tough and versatile and are good for ground cover in sun or shade. They can grow out of the ground over time, but if you lift them and replant deeper, you’ll re-invigorate old plants. It is not attacked by slugs or snails, all of which makes it a very practical and attractive plant.

It mixes well with country garden favourites like the aster, rudbeckia and sedum. It can also be mixed with ornamental grasses for a more structural effect.

You can brighten up patio pots by replacing summer bedding with a Heuchera for autumn and winter interest. Plant an autumn flowering hebe or evergreen conifer as a central plant with decorative cabbage, Heuchera, and ivy added for foliage.


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