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Plant of the Month - June

Plant of the Month - June

Heaven-scented roses. A scented rose with beautiful blooms is a heady combination, especially when the warmth of June brings out the perfume. There are fragranced varieties of climbing rose, patio rose and shrub rose to suit every size of outdoor space. Enjoy the perfume from a dainty rose in a pot on your patio or doorstep, a shrub planted in your garden, or from an old-fashioned rose trailing up a structure. They also make a long lasting and memorable gift.

Climbing roses are lovely for summer colour and perfume, with colours to suit all tastes. They look stunning trained over an arch or pergola and can also be trained to scramble up a garden fence or wall. If you don’t have garden space, opt for a patio rose in a container and place it where you can enjoy the fragrance, particularly on a warm evening when the perfume will be strongest.

June and July is the time to enjoy roses at their best, and rose lovers will be making the most of their blooms around now. With a little care, they flower for a surprisingly long time. They peak during the summer and can keep going until it turns cold in late autumn, making them a wonderful and great value addition to the garden.

Roses appreciate a rose feed to promote and prolong flowering. And they benefit from regular dead-heading to encourage flowers. Although modern roses can be dead-headed, leave the old-fashioned types as these will often form hips that provide colour in the autumn. They are easy to care for, but keep an eye out for blackspot and rust aphids. Spray with a general rose pesticide, or ask for advice in the garden centre.

Be inspired by the selection here at Garsons and celebrate summer with a scented rose.


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