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Plant of the Month - July

Plant of the Month - July

New Guinea Impatiens
New Guinea Impatiens, or Busy Lizzies, are one of our favourite flowering plants for a summer border or container. They’re renowned for long lasting colour and work well in window boxes, hanging baskets and patio containers. They come in a whole spectrum of gorgeous colours for the summer. 

New Guinea Impatiens have benefits over the more traditional impatiens, including bigger blooms and variegated leaves. Their green-to-bronze leaf colour adds contrast to planting schemes. They have been specially developed to be mildew resistant, which impatiens have suffered from in the recent past. 

Keep them moist or they will lose their leaves. You can feed them monthly for profuse flowers. They have good all-weather tolerance and can flourish all summer long, however, they prefer light shade.

When planting impatiens in your garden border, its flowers complement the foliage of other plants such as the variegated hosta. It also mixes well with azalea, rhododendron, and camellia.