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Plant of the Month - January

Plant of the Month - January

January - Plant of the Month - House Plants, help purify the air, reduce airborne dust levels and keep air temperatures down while brightening up rooms.

There is a house plant to suit every style of home, from the elegant orchid to the scented jasmine or non-flowering varieties of palms.

The pot azalea has colourful, long lasting flowers making it a popular choice. Place it somewhere bright, away from direct sunlight. Keep your azalea well watered, but don’t let it sit in water. They like regular misting with water.

The areca palm is a house plant that watches over your health. It removes poisonous elements from the air and brings humidity into the atmosphere to improve air quality. It likes a light position but not direct sunlight. Make sure that you water it regularly so the roots never dry out.

The jasmine is loved for its fragrant white flowers. It thrives in a warm room or sunny conservatory so long as it’s not in full sun. Water sparingly over the autumn and winter, and give it more water and a fortnightly house plant feed from April to October.

Buy an orchid now and if cared for, it can flower for months. It must be well-drained. Water the pot weekly with tepid water over the sink until it pours out of the drainage holes, or leave for half an hour in a bowl of water before draining it away.

Give your orchid bright, indirect light and keep it in a cool spot. Feed them all year long with a balanced orchid fertiliser. Orchids don’t really go dormant. When not full of buds and blooms, they’re building up the energy to put out more blooms for the next cycle.

Many house plants don’t need so much water over the winter, but always read the care instructions and keep an eye on whether the soil is too wet or dry for that particular variety.

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