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Plant of the Month - December

Plant of the Month - December

The poinsettia is a well-loved Christmas gift, and poinsettias from Garsons have been reared in ideal conditions to maintain their foliage over the festive season. Fill your home with the seasonal cheer of poinsettias and give as a gift when you’re visiting over the festive season. They come in shades of festive red and winter white, making them natural Christmas decorations.

The legend of the Christmas poinsettia tells of a poor village boy in Mexico who wanted to give the holy child a gift, but had no money. He picked weeds, which turned into a beautiful star-shaped flower with bright red leaves, and the poinsettia has been a Christmas symbol ever since.

When you bring yours home, keep it in a draft-free position in good light but away from direct sunlight. It’s best to water your poinsettia when the surface of the compost has started to dry out, then give it a thorough soak. They’re from Mexico and Central America, so are used to a warmer climate than ours. With this in mind, keep yours in warm conditions and give it warm water to prolong its life.

With the right amount of care, your poinsettia can last well beyond Christmas. If you would like to extend the life of the glorious red foliage, mist it regularly, since it responds well to humidity, rather than our dry air from central heating. You can also give it a monthly feed with a low nitrogen, high potassium fertiliser from the garden centre and it can stay healthy through the winter.