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Plant of the Month - April

Plant of the Month - April

Colour your vertical spaces with climbers. Whatever the size of your garden, there is probably room for a climber or two. In a small space, they add height and interest without taking up much room. Climbers are ideal for softening hard features such as a fence, wall, shed or pergola. 

One of our favourite climbers is the delicately scented jasmine. Position it in a sunny, sheltered spot near your front or back door to make the most of the scent. It can be grown in a container, in which case, feed it monthly with a liquid feed. If planting in the ground, make sure it’s in well-drained soil and positioned to make the most of the sunshine. Honeysuckle is another scented climber, and bees love its nectar in the summer months.

Clematis can be trained to climb over a pergola or trellis, through a tree or up a gazebo. Here's how to get the best results:

  • Choose a variety to suit your needs. Vigorous varieties will get out of hand in a container or engulf a slow-growing shrub, but are ideal to scramble up a wall
  • If you’re growing a clematis up a tree or shrub, decide whether you’d like it to flower at a different time to the host and extend the season of interest, or to bloom at the same time for maximum flower power

How to plant your clematis:

  • Dig a planting hole 45cm (18in) away from your trellis, fence, wall or host plant
  • Make the hole twice the diameter of the container and deep enough so the top of the rootball sits 5cm beneath the level of the soil
  • Loosen the soil at the base with a garden fork. Soak the plant well
  • Put clematis at the centre of the hole and fill around the rootball with soil. Firm the soil in and water well
  • Add a layer of mulch for the hotter months because the roots prefer to stay cool

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