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Plant of the Month - June

Plant of the Month - June

Celebrate the Cosmos

The cosmos is our Plant of the Month for June. The big, bright, flowers provide long-lasting summer colour and bees love them. The large, daisy-like flowers can grow tall, in shades of dark red and pink through to white.

Cosmos is a herbaceous perennial plant originating from Mexico and parts of the USA. They are easy to grow and make great cut flowers to bring indoors. Taller varieties are best at the back of borders and may need staking if they are not sheltered from wind. Grow in any reasonable garden soil in a sunny spot, and deadhead for long lasting summer colour.

A lovely variety to try is the chocolate cosmos, with its rich dark reddish-brown flowers and a chocolate scent. It doesn’t grow as tall so is suited to container planting, where it can be positioned for full sun. Keep a pot close to your front or back door so you can appreciate the chocolate fragrance when you come and go.

If you’re growing tomatoes and other blooming vegetables, plant them near cosmos since bees and other friendly pollinators will visit both and help your crops to flourish. Other companion plants for cosmos are phlox, marigold, poppy and verbena. Stock up at the garden centre and combine them for a lovely soft cottage garden effect.