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Gardening Tips - September

Gardening Tips - September

Spruce up your garden now it’s cooler. After a scorching summer, September brings fresher air so you can make the most of your garden, especially when the sun is shining. September is a busy month in the gardening calendar – there’s lots to do while the weather holds out.

Get on top of weeding and clearing dead or fallen branches and leaves this month, before it turns chillier.

September is an ideal time for a new lawn or for patching your old lawn with turf. It will establish quickly, but keep an eye on it over the winter and firm down any sections that have been lifted by frosts. You can also sow grass seed for a new lawn or to fill in worn patches. Divide the area into measured strips or squares as a guide to sowing, and lightly rake seeds into the surface.

If your lawn doesn’t need drastic measures, it will still benefit from a feed to help it get over the dry summer. Opt for a slow-release autumn feed, and apply when the ground is moist and grass is growing.

If your summer flowers have faded, keep the colour going with asters, anemones, chrysanthemum, cyclamen and winter flowering viola and pansies. Visit Garsons for some garden inspiration.

Make the most of your garden during September. Until next month, happy gardening!