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Gardening Tips - September

Gardening Tips - September

Spruce up your September garden. 

Now is the time to take stock of your garden. Note your successes (and the not so successful!) and think about the new plants you need. 
It's a good month to get planting, what with cooler weather for gardeners, warm soil and autumn rain to water in your new additions. The sooner you can get new shrubs planted the better, so they get established before the frosts set in. 

September is when summer plants haven't all finished blooming and autumn ones are ready to take their place. A little attention will help your existing bedding displays and pots last into autumn. Keep on deadheading roses until the first frosts. Now is also the time to feed existing shrubs and hedges with a high potash liquid fertiliser to harden the young growth.
If your garden is short of colour, Rudbeckia is an autumnal showstopper, along with the sedum. Sedum comes in eye-catching colours from pure white to pink and red, and is as attractive to us as it is to bees and butterflies. They both go well our Plant of the Month, the chrysanthemum.  

Love your lawn. 

September is an ideal time for a new lawn or for patching your old lawn with turf. It will establish quickly, but keep an eye on it over the winter and firm down any sections that have been lifted by frosts. You can also sow grass seed for a new lawn or to fill in worn patches. Divide the area into measured strips or squares as a guide to sowing, and lightly rake seeds into the surface. 

If the ground on your lawn is compacted, aerate it with a garden fork to get air into the soil. Then scarify using a spring tine rake to rid it of moss and dead grass. Once done, you might choose to top-dress it with a mix of fine potting compost and grass seed. This is spread over the grass and brushed in using a stiff broom. Your lawn will 
look tatty for a while but by next spring it should be in much better condition. 

If your lawn doesn’t need drastic measures, it will still benefit from a feed to help it get over the dry summer. Opt for a slow-release autumn feed, and apply when the ground is moist and grass is growing. 

Make the most of your garden during September. Until next month, happy gardening!