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Gardening Tips - October

Gardening Tips - October

October is a fantastic month for planting, so long as you avoid the rain. The ground is still warm and many plants will establish quickly over the autumn, before the frosts set in.

Tulip bulbs can be planted now. If you haven’t already chosen yours, there are some fantastic varieties available at Garsons that will give you the wow-factor effect next year. They like a sunny position and well drained soil to stop the bulbs getting waterlogged.

Cheer up empty spaces in your borders and keep the colour going with bedding plants such as violas and pansies. Mix up complementary colours to keep your garden looking vibrant into the winter. If you put a little effort into your flowering plants now, it makes such a difference on less sunny days.

This is an ideal time for planting shrubs. Our plant of the month is the acer. Another good option is the Hebe, with varieties that include some lovely variegated choices.

Erica arborea ‘Albert’s Gold’ is fantastic for lighting up the garden with its bright golden foliage that is retained all year. It’s excellent in a container with ericaceous soil, and equally at home in the garden. Erica prefers acidic soil and therefore makes a great companion to heathers.

The heuchera is an ornamental herbaceous plant that, again, looks good in the border or in a container on the patio. As an evergreen, it has great year-round appeal. It comes into its own around now as the leaf colours often take on autumnal hues for seasonal interest. Heucheras are good for ground cover in sun or shade.

Jobs for this month:

  • Rake up leaves and remove them from your pond, composting them if possible
  • Tidy up your borders before the weather gets too wet. Most flowering plants can be cut right back. Get rid of weeds and dead leaves
  • Use a fork to aerate the soil, then add a mulch to your borders
  • Plant fruit, including apples and pear trees, raspberry bushes and blueberries
  • You can stop mowing the lawn later this month and clean up your mower to store for next year
  • Be ready to protect tender plants from frosts. Get some horticultural fleece from the garden centre to wrap them up on frosty nights.


Now the weather is cooler, enjoy your garden in October.