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Gardening Tips - October

Gardening Tips - October

Enjoy autumnal colour. Don't give up on the garden now summer is over. Autumn is a spectacular time of year for nature, and with an addition or two in your garden, you can enjoy wonderful autumnal colour. It's good to get out in the fresh air and tidy the garden. Hedges and most flowering plants can be cut back. Get rid of weeds and dead leaves. If you have a pond, remove dead leaves through the season.

This is an ideal time for planting shrubs as they can become established over the rainy months. There are lots of varieties of hebes including some lovely variegated ones. Acers are another favourite. Acer palmatum is a hardy shrub, better known as the Japanese maple. With a rich red autumnal colour, it is small, slow growing and ideal for containers or small gardens. Acers like slightly acidic, sandy soil and a sunny position.

Keep new additions to the garden watered during dry spells. It’s easy to forget to water this time of year. Add a thick layer of mulch to give plants a little more protection over the winter.

It’s not too late to snap up your favourite bulbs and get them planted. Don’t leave it much longer as popular varieties sell out quickly. If you don’t plant them straightaway, store in a cool place, and the sooner they go in the ground, the better. When planting bulbs in the garden, give the soil a good dig over and consider using a bulb fertiliser. Use some grit if the soil is heavy so the bulbs don’t become waterlogged. As a general rule of thumb, plant bulbs at three times their depth. Save some for your containers – you’ll be pleased you did in the spring when you have a colourful patio.

If you haven’t done so already, feed your lawn with an autumn treatment to sort out any moss and provide nutrients to harden off growth. In doing so, your lawn is prepared for winter. You can stop mowing the lawn later this month and clean up your mower to store.

Enjoy your garden in October.