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Gardening Tips - October

Gardening Tips - October

Autumn is a spectacular time of year for nature, and with an addition or two in your garden, you can enjoy wonderful autumnal colour. October is a great month for planting. The soil is warm and many plants will become established before the winter, helped by autumn showers.

If you’re limited on space in the garden borders, many shrubs can be given a home in large patio pots. Plant them using a free-draining loam-based compost. Stand pots on terracotta 'feet' during winter to prevent drainage holes getting blocked and pots filling-up with water. Smal shrubs included in seasonal patio pot arrangements can be planted in the garden next spring.

Tulip bulbs can be planted now. They like a sunny position and look particularly stunning in pots. Mix in horticultural grit to keep the soil well-drained and to stop your bulbs becoming waterlogged. If you can't plant them immediately, keep in a cool place. 

Tidy up your garden before the weather gets too cold and wet. Most flowering plants can be cut back. Add a layer of compost to your borders to enrich the soil and protect it from the winter weather. You could give your lawn an autumn feed to see it through the colder months. You can stop mowing the lawn later this month and clean up your mower to store.

Enjoy your garden in October, and until next month, happy gardening!