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Gardening Tips - November

Gardening Tips - November

Autumn is nature's time for planting. If it's not frosty, you can plant new shrubs or move established ones to better positions.

With grey skies and darker evenings, it's lovely to still have colour in the garden. Favourite bedding plants this time of year are winter flowering pansies, cyclamen and chrysanthemums. Fill up some pots with pansies or plant them in clusters to cheer up bare patches of your borders. Remember to protect tender plants from the risk of frosts. 

Plant fruit trees and soft fruit ready for next year. Apple, pear, and plum trees are in Garsons now, along with raspberry, blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes. It’s an ideal time to plant them for a ripe harvest next summer. There are also autumn and winter crab apples – these ornamental trees have autumnal colours that look amazing.  

November is also a good time for planting roses. They resemble twigs in the garden centre, but think how lovely they will be next year with a little care and attention. If the roots are dry, soak them in a bucket of water for an hour or so before planting. 

Holly shrubs can be a great addition to the garden. Variegated hollies are available with a gold or cream edge to the leaves, providing an extra splash of colour. Their bright red berries provide welcome food for birds in mid-winter and make great decorations for Christmas. Team them with our Plant of the Month, the Nandina.

The Cotoneaster gives colour and berries right through the winter – blackbirds are especially fond of them. It grows in full sun and partial shade and should reward you with lots of red berries in winter and flowers in summer. 

Pyracantha is another shrub that’s loved by birds for the yellow, red or orange berries. Because of their thorny nature, they provide a good security barrier round the edge of your garden.

With colder weather moving in, it’s good to feed wild birds. Hang up a feeder or get a bird table and watch your feathered friends enjoying your hospitality. We have bird feeders and feed to keep your garden birds and wildlife going through the leaner months.

Have a tidy up in the garden before it gets too cold. Clear away fallen leaves from the lawn to stop the grass going yellow. Dig over empty patches of your borders and dig in some manure so it will be broken down by planting time next spring. 

Until next month, happy gardening!