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Gardening Tips - May

Gardening Tips - May

Sit back and enjoy your garden on sunny days – especially as the experts are advising we top up our vitamin D from exposure to sunshine. It’s a glorious time of year, so take advantage of any warm weather and the longer evenings.

Connecting with nature is more important than ever for our wellbeing, so take time to enjoy the garden as it’s coming into bloom, and prepare for the growing season.

Show your garden some love this month and get it in shape for the summer. You could make 2020 the year you organise your outdoor space with the right plants in the right place.

‘Right plant, right place’ simply means matching plants to the growing conditions in your garden. This encourages thriving plants with less effort. Be aware of your soil type and think about conditions in the planting area you have in mind, for example, is it windy or sheltered, and will the plant be in a sunny or shady spot?

Take stock of what plants you would like through the whole year, not just the summer months, so you can plan ahead for a year-round garden. Note your successes (and the not so successful!), consider what works and what you might change.

What’s your garden style? Would you like your garden to be a haven of relaxation, a practical family-friendly area or perhaps a contemporary space for outdoor entertaining? Deciding what you would like to achieve is a useful starting point.

Even small gardens need planning, so use this time to consider what you would like. Think about what you love about it and if it has provided what you want over the past year. Start planning now so you can have a garden to really enjoy. Pencil out a rough plan if that helps and lay the groundwork this month. Make notes on gaps to fill and plants that might need to be moved or divided. Taking photos can help you plan ahead to make the most of the gardening year.

Until next month, we hope you stay safe and find some enjoyment in the outdoors.