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Gardening Tips - March

Gardening Tips - March

Spring is here and after a very soggy winter, get ready for a rewarding time in the garden. It's satisfying to see your efforts taking shape, and with a little work now, you will have months of enjoyment to look forward to in the garden.

This is an ideal time of year to get new shrubs established, while the soil is damp. Despite all the rain we’ve had, it’s good to prepare for the drier months, so think ahead when it comes to looking after your plants in the heat of summer. If you don’t already have a water butt, think about investing in one so it can be full by the time the hot weather is with us. A mulch of compost or well-rotted manure around established shrubs and hedges will help keep moisture in the soil as well as keeping weeds at bay.  

Plant sweet peas and sunflower seeds this month to give height and colour to your summer flower garden. Scatter some wildflower seeds to give a gorgeous natural look to your garden. Cornflowers and poppies are lovely and there are plenty more to choose from, including mixed packets of wildflower seeds.

Prepare for the rose season by giving your roses a little care and attention. Using sharp secateurs, cut off dead wood and thin stems. Pruning cuts should be made about 5mm (quarter of an inch) above an outward dormant bud on the stem, sloping towards the plant. Miniature or shrub roses often don’t need pruning, so only tidy them up if they look as if they need it. A mulch layer around your roses will improve the soil and keep it moist.

Until next month, happy gardening.