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Gardening Tips - June

Gardening Tips - June

Make the most of June. Although the lockdown is easing, most of us will be spending more time at home over the summer, so take the time to enjoy your garden. Thankfully, we Garsons Garden Centre is open, with safety measures in place, so pay us a visit to stock up on all your summer garden essentials.

June is often considered the high point of the gardening calendar. The extra light and warmth encourages plants to put on an exuberant burst of growth this month. The evenings are getting lighter so we have more hours of sunlight to enjoy the garden. Flowering plants in the borders are reaching their early summer peak and the kitchen garden is starting to come into its own.

If you’ve got into grow-your-own this season, you’ll be enjoying some rewards around now. It’s not too late to sow beetroot, salad leaves and radish. Sow seeds in containers instead of directly into the garden soil if you don’t have much room. Use potting compost and keep the container well-watered and in a sunny spot for a bumper crop in a small space.

You can also grow herbs in containers. Mint, in particular, can be invasive, so containers keep them under control. They prefer a sunny open position. When planting, add alpine grit to a general purpose compost, because free-draining soil suits them best.

Give tomato plants a weekly feed. Pinch out side-shoots, so the plant puts its energy into the fruit growing. Hopefully the weather will do us proud and you can have an al fresco salad with your harvested crops. 

The extra light and warmth of June means weeds sprout up. Keep on top of them by hoeing regularly in dry conditions.

Garsons has everything you need to care for your summer garden. Let’s hope we have some glorious weather over the coming months.