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Gardening Tips - June

Gardening Tips - June

With lovely long evenings and flourishing growth, make the time to enjoy your garden at its peak. Hanging baskets and planted summer containers look gorgeous at this time of year. Garsons has everything you need to create your own, or simply choose one ready-made!

If you have gaps in your borders or containers, add bursts of colour from geranium, helenium, and lobelia. Cottage flowers are lovely this time of year, including the lupin, foxglove, hardy geranium, and cosmos.

You can apply liquid tomato feed to flowering plants in the borders. Feed container plants unless you have given them a slow-release feed, as it gives them a welcome boost through the season. Containers and anything newly planted will need to be kept watered if we have a dry June. Deadhead, cut back and feed plants that have flowered, and you might be treated to an extra flush of flowers.

Why not grow your own herbs for a wonderful aroma? Keep them in pots close to the kitchen so you can grab a handful when cooking. Sage, thyme and rosemary are drought tolerant, so don’t need too much watering. June is a good month to plant your favourite herbs, and you can also sow salad seeds including lettuce. Use a good quality grow bag or fresh compost, since it makes a difference.

If you have a problem with whitefly on your tomatoes, grow extra basil in pots as they prefer basil to tomatoes. The downside is that once the basil is covered in the pest you can’t use it. However, if whitefly isn’t a problem, homegrown tomato and basil salad is delicious!

If you don’t have a water butt, they’re a good investment for conserving water. You can also use cooled water from the kettle for patio pots. Remember to top up a water source for birds and other wildlife. A bird bath is a lovely addition to the garden, and you can also leave a bowl of water out at ground level for creatures visiting your garden to drink from.

Garsons has everything you need to make the most of your summer garden. Until next month, happy gardening.