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Gardening Tips - June

Gardening Tips - June

Enjoy your June Garden

June is a busy month for us gardeners, but if the weather is good, it's a pleasure to be outside. The garden grows faster in June and it's wonderful to see bursts of growth and colour. Spend sunny evenings enjoying your garden.

You can perk up tired borders and fill bare patches with bedding plants. As always, Garsons is full of ideas for bringing colour to your outdoor space. Check out our Plant of the Month, the pretty cosmos, which can look lovely all summer.

If you’re sprucing up your pots and containers, a loam-based compost such as John Innes is ideal as it holds water and nutrients better. By covering the surface of pot compost with gravel or decorative stone chippings, you can keep the compost cooler and retain moisture, as well as helping them look good

Roses will be at their best this month. Enjoy your blooms and have some RoseClear handy to keep bugs, black spot, and rust at bay. Talk to the gardening experts if you would like advice on rose care.

There’s still time to get into grow-your-own this season. You can sow beetroot, salad leaves, and radish this month. Fill a planter with compost suitable for fruit and veg growing, and follow instructions on the seed packets. Keep giving tomato plants a weekly feed and water them daily. They like lots of sunshine. Hopefully the weather will do us proud and you can have al fresco salads with your harvested crops. 

Jobs for this month:

  • Give flowering plants a general purpose feed such as Miracle-Gro.
  • Remove seed heads from rhododendrons and azaleas that have finished flowering. An ericaceous feed will help them thrive next year.
  • Feed container plants unless you have given them a slow-release feed.
  • Tie up sweet peas and climbing plants like clematis.
  • Mow your lawn regularly, as it’s a good way to control weeds on the lawn.

Garsons has everything you need to care for your summer garden. Let’s hope that the coming month brings us some gardening weather. Until next time, happy gardening!