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Gardening Tips - July

Gardening Tips - July

July is a glorious month for enjoying the garden, especially as it’s likely to be blooming right now. Take the time to sit back and appreciate your outdoor space while the days are long and the weather is hopefully fine. As you admire your efforts, do a little deadheading to encourage more flowers, especially roses and sweet peas. You can also do some light weeding and tidying.

Jobs for this month:

Give tomatoes a fortnightly tomato food for a tasty crop. A liquid feed such as Tomorite will do the job. Keep on feeding them and leave them on the vine until ripe and juicy.‚Äč

You can still sow seeds for spring onions, lettuce, carrots, radishes and beetroot. If July is as dry as June, make sure your vegetables get plenty of water, ideally in the evenings. Check all your seasonal fruit and veg daily to enjoy at its best.

Move container plants into a shady position if the sun is fierce this month and keep them well watered. Regular effort with weeding makes a difference and means more rainwater goes to your favourite plants.Once your garden is weeded, cover the soil surface of your borders and containers with a mulch, such as decorative bark. It helps retain moisture and encourages deeper roots that need less watering. Give roses a feed early in the month to encourage a new flush of blooms.Keep cutting the grass regularly and trim the edges for a neat look. Birds and other wildlife appreciate a water supply, so keep bird baths topped up. Leave out a small bowl of water at ground level for hedgehogs to drink from.

The lockdown is easing, but we hope you stay safe and enjoy your garden in July.