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Gardening Tips - July

Gardening Tips - July

The holiday season is now upon us and with a little care you can get the most from your flowering plants.

On the hunt for plants which look at their best in July and August? A few suggestions are Hypericum, Hibiscus and varieties of succulent plants such as sedum. The sedum’s fleshy stems and leaves contrast nicely with the light pink and purple flowers, which bloom from late July through to September and attract butterflies. They thrive in a well-drained soil and are ideal to plant with other herbaceous perennials.
There’s still time to plant up containers or buy them ready-planted for instant appeal. Containers don’t take much effort to look after and will add colour to the patio. Water retaining crystals or gel are ideal for adding to containers or hanging baskets when planting. They act like a sponge from which the plant will draw water as required. During dry spells, check daily to make sure they have enough water. You might want to move them into the shade if the sun is too hot. A liquid feed once a fortnight will help keep them at their best right through the summer. 

For newly planted shrubs, wood chippings around the base of the plant will help retain moisture. Plants such as Clematis, with its roots near the surface, benefit from mulch to help retain moisture and protect exposed roots from the sun. 

If you have a love of roses, you should now be enjoying their sweetly perfumed blossoms. Check them regularly for pest and disease and act fast if there are signs of trouble – ask the experts at Garsons for advice. Rid roses of dead flower heads to encourage new flowers. Apply a rose food to your roses and other flowering shrubs to promote and prolong flowering. Liquid tomato feed also works well as a flower food.  

Enjoy your July garden!