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Gardening Tips - July

Gardening Tips - July

Have a blooming marvellous July

Make the most of warm weather this month. While looking around the garden, consider which aspects work and what you might change for next season. You can find inspiration by visiting the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

It’s rose season from now until late autumn. There’s a rose for nearly every occasion and Garsons has a great selection of special occasion roses, which make memorable gifts. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday or wedding, there is a fantastic named variety to suit. 

Roses come in different sizes, starting with dainty patio roses. They make an ideal container plant, since they are neat and compact, and take very little care. Look out for fragranced varieties that can be positioned on a patio or beside the front door so you can make the most of the scent. 

If planting a rose in the garden, you can go for the larger shrub roses or the traditional hybrid tea rose. Established roses will appreciate a rose feed, and container plants will too – it keeps them flowering longer. While admiring your roses and other flowers, do a little deadheading to keep them looking good and to encourage more blooms. 

With all the deadheading, cutting back and lawn mowing, you’ll build up heaps of waste material to turn into your own compost. All you need is the right ingredients and to let nature do the rest. We have a wide range of composters available at Garsons – ask in the Garden Centre for advice.

Jobs for this month:

  • A little regular effort with weeding makes a difference
  • Give tomatoes a fortnightly tomato food for a tasty crop. A liquid feed such as Tomorite will do the job. Keep on feeding them and leave them on the vine until ripe and juicy
  • You can still sow seeds for spring onions, lettuce, carrots, radishes, and beetroot. If July is as dry as June, make sure your growing vegetables get plenty of water, ideally in the evenings. Check all your seasonal fruit and veg daily to enjoy at its best
  • Move container plants into a shady position if the sun is fierce this month, and keep them well watered
  • Cover the soil surface of your borders and containers with a mulch, such as decorative bark. It helps retain moisture and encourages deeper roots that need less watering
  • Keep cutting the grass regularly and trim the edges for a neat look
  • Birds and other wildlife appreciate a water supply, so keep bird baths topped up. Leave out a small bowl of water at ground level for hedgehogs to drink from


Enjoy your July garden!