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Gardening Tips - January

Gardening Tips - January

Make the most of any bright days in January and prepare for the growing season. Avoid digging if it has been frosty or the ground is waterlogged. Weather permitting, roughly dig over bare areas, forking in plenty of compost or rotted manure. If you’ve planted bulbs in your garden borders, clear any fallen leaves and branches to help them spring into life.

There are plenty of options for perking up your winter garden. Start by planting a batch of cheerful primroses. The native primrose looks gorgeous in drifts under shrubs and trees, and it tends to spread so long as it’s in a shady spot. You can also add it to containers close to the house so you can enjoy the view.

Winter honeysuckle is a lovely addition to the garden with its fragrant creamy yellow flowers. It can grow up to eight feet tall and likes a lot of space, otherwise it might not flower.

Christmas roses are coming into flower this month. Skimmia, witch hazel and holly are at their best and are available at Garsons. You can plant them so long as the ground isn’t frozen, but make sure you firm them in well to stop the roots freezing.

Garsons has lovely planted containers for your patio. Get some patio pot feet, which prevent waterlogging. Your unplanted containers will love the addition of potted bulbs and shrubs that are ready to cheer up gloomy days. Snowdrops are just coming into their own, so if you haven’t planted any bulbs you can buy them as they start to flower.

Help your tender perennials through the hard frosts of winter by wrapping them in horticultural fleece. It protects the plant from the extreme cold while letting in air, light and rain.

Until next month, happy gardening.