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Gardening Tips - February

Gardening Tips - February

If you are becoming tired of the winter, cheer yourself up with colour and fragrance in the garden. There are lots of choices for fragrant February planting so look out for something to warm you with its beauty and scent!

Some of our favourite plants are now coming into season. Sarcococca has attractive glossy green foliage with fragrant white flowers. Magnolias are looking fantastic and although usually associated with the spring, the winter buds are attractive. This is the show-stopping time for Hamamelis or witch hazel, with its distinctive and beautiful flowers along with variety of colours and a winter perfume. 

Now is a good time to take stock of your garden and do some planning. If you have a bare space to fill, assess what height and spread of plants will work best. Following the principles of ‘right plant, right place’, give some thought to the soil type and weather conditions in the particular location – is it sheltered, sunny or prone to getting waterlogged? By working with Mother Nature, you’re more likely to have plants that will flourish. Ask for advice in Garsons about what might thrive best for you.

It’s a great month for moving plants to better positions. So long as the ground isn’t frozen you can put your shrubs in new locations while they are dormant. And you’ll soon warm up with all that digging!

Jobs for this month

  • Remove dead leaves from the garden, fork the soil and spread a layer of fertiliser. Fruit trees will benefit from a feed of manure
  • Check all your trees and shrubs and cut back dead branches
  • Deadhead winter pansies to encourage new flowers
  • Clear weeds from around the roots of shrubs and trees to allow the rain to keep them watered
  • Protect less hardy plants from frost so they will look better when spring arrives


Until next month happy gardening!