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Gardening Tips - December

Gardening Tips - December

Don't give up on the garden. Even though the days are shorter, there is still plenty of scope for getting out in the garden. Make the most of the bright weather to prepare your garden for winter. Here are a few things to be getting on with:

  • Go through flowerbeds and pull out weeds and unwanted self-sown seedlings while they are still small
  • Sharpening up lawn edges is a satisfying job. The results are immediately visible and your lawn will look smart all winter
  • Keep on top of leaf raking on your grass and flowerbeds to stop them being a comfy home for slugs and snails
  • If you have strawberries, they will benefit from a protective straw mulch
  • You can move or plant deciduous trees as plants are dormant now
  • Non-frost resistant pots can be wrapped with horticultural fleece so they are protected

To make soil workable for the spring, fork over exposed areas. Give birds some water to drink and splash in, keeping an eye out to see that it doesn't freeze over. They will be grateful for restocked feeders and bird tables with nuts and seeds.

It's a good time to plant crab apples so long as it's not too frosty. Other planting for empty patches in your garden are holly bushes, or a Christmas box, which is shrub with black berries followed by white flowers. The Skimmia bush is a favourite which has lots of flower buds around now. The Mahonia is spiky but has glorious sprays of fragrant yellow flowers. 

Once you’ve finished all your jobs for December, clean up your garden tools and perhaps drop a few hints about new ones for Christmas!

Would you like a real Christmas tree? 

If you don’t want to sweep up dropped needles, opt for a needle retentive tree. These cut trees are available at here Garsons. To keep your cut tree looking at its best: 

  • Stand it in water overnight before bringing it indoors
  • Remove one inch from the base to allow water uptake and keep it fresh
  • Give it up to a pint of water each day to keep it in peak condition, but be careful of the electrics if you have fairy lights
  • Try to position it in the coolest part of the room

We also stock fresh seasonal wreathes, available plain and decorated. And don’t forget a poinsettia for indoors, they make great gifts, along with cyclamen and orchids. 

Until next month, happy gardening and merry Christmas!