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Gardening Tips - April

Gardening Tips - April

A lot of us will still be spending more time at home, so get some fresh air and exercise in the garden. April is a busy time for us gardeners, and after a tough winter, what a delight that spring is finally here! It’s so rewarding to see your efforts coming to life and the garden waking up.

If you’re thinking of planting shrubs, now is a good time to get them established while the soil is damp and there are April showers to water your new additions. Spread a mulch of compost or well-rotted manure around established shrubs and along the base of hedges to help conserve moisture in the soil and keep weeds at bay.

Early flowering Rhododendrons will burst into bloom later this month. There are a vast range of colours from light pinks to dark reds, purples, creams and white. Ensure your soil is not alkaline as they are acid-loving plants and if planting in a container, use ericaceous compost. They prefer shade and after planting, use chipped bark around the base of the plant to protect the roots from drying out as they are fairly close to the surface.

Spring pansies are always a winner for boosting your borders with colour, as are primroses. You can brighten your patio or doorstep with a container of bedding plants. Adding a slow-release fertiliser to your containers will give them a good start to the growing season and will last well into the summer.

Looking ahead to the summer, you can plant sweet peas and sunflower seeds outside this month to give height and colour to your summer flower garden. Garsons has plenty of seeds to choose from, along with the shrubs and bedding plants mentioned above. 

Until next month, happy gardening.