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Gardening Tips - April

Gardening Tips - April

Spring is here, the temperature is climbing and gardens are waking up. Fill your outdoor space with the joys of spring and plant some flowering shrubs. Now is an ideal time for planting while the soil is damp.

Fragrant lavender works well in borders as well as in containers. It’s hardy, low maintenance and doesn’t need much watering once its established, and bees love its nectar.

Let’s take a look at ericaceous shrubs which are at their best from April to June. Pieris, rhododendron, azalea, magnolia, and acer all look stunning around now. They prefer acidic conditions and thrive in moist, well drained soil. Plant them with generous amounts of ericaceous compost to give them the best start.

A garden favourite is the camellia. This evergreen has lovely glossy leaves and masses of flowers that range from white to ruby red. Early flowering rhododendrons are bursting into bloom later this month. There are so many shades, from light pinks to dark reds, purples, creams and white.

These two ericaceous plants are easy to maintain. Planted in a sheltered spot in acid soil, they take very little care. Originally from woodland, they prefer shady positions, although some can tolerate sunshine – ask for advice in the garden centre if you’re unsure.

The winter has taken its toll on the lawn, so give yours some extra TLC. Invest a little effort and you’ll have a lawn to be proud of. They are fairly resilient and will soon bounce back to health with a bit of attention.

Mossy lawns are best treated with a granular or liquid feed, which will blacken the moss. You can then give it a good rake with a spring tine rake, at the same time removing thatch from the base of the grass, which allows it to breathe. Once the preparation is done, use a spring lawn feed.

Until next month, happy gardening!