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Gardening Tips - April

Gardening Tips - April

It's springtime at last!

Hopefully the snow is over and we can turn our thoughts to the garden. This early in the season it pays to keep on top of weeding. It's easy to pull up a few weeds here and there when you're out enjoying your garden bursting into life.

Now is the time to get started on grow-your-own produce. Why not cheer up your patio with aromatic plants and herbs? It’s easy to make up a herb garden or planter, and well worth the effort to have fresh herbs handy for the barbecue and the kitchen. Try planting up a 12-inch pot with mint, rosemary, chives, sage, and oregano to give you a good mixture for cooking. 

They need a warm sunny position to grow at their best and for the herb oils to develop. For best results use John Innes Number 1 compost which is free-draining and not too rich, to encourage the best growth.

Thyme, sage, mint, chives, oregano and bay will grow back every year, making them great value. Mint can take over, so is best grown in a container. Supplement them with annual herbs such as coriander, basil, parsley and dill for a range of flavours.

Herbs can be grown from seeds, seedlings or plants. There’s a wide variety and most are available now. Some of the more tender ones like coriander, basil, and tarragon do well on a kitchen windowsill.

Tomatoes are easy for children to grow, and they love being able to pick and eat their own home-grown crop.

If you’re new to growing tomatoes, simply pick up three tomato plants from the garden centre, along with bamboo canes, a growbag and some tomato food. Most people plant straight into the growbag, or you can tip the contents into a wide container.

For best results, we recommend feeding with a liquid tomato food such as Tomerite. Put them in a sunny spot and keep them watered because irregular watering causes fruit to split. They don’t like too much rain, so consider investing in a small cold frame to keep them protected.

Until next month, happy gardening!