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Garsons Fresh Christmas Trees

Make your treasured Christmas tree ‘choosing day’ that bit more special.

All our fresh trees are lovingly and sustainably grown in Scotland and Ireland. By sourcing and supporting suppliers in the British Isles, we are able to offer fresher, longer-lasting trees for you to enjoy and in turn help you reduce your carbon footprint. The trees are meticulously hand pruned every year to establish the perfect Christmas tree shape and are nurtured in an environment where insecticide is kept to the very minimum and bee friendly cultivating methods are utilised.

We stock our much-loved Nordmann Fir and Fraser Fir varieties, which start from 4ft, and their needle retention ability makes them the natural choice for those with children and pets. We also have traditional Norway Spruce trees (Esher based), and a choice of smaller potted fresh trees, ideal for patios and small spaces, and have the advantage of being able to be replanted. 

Our dedicated team will help you find the ideal tree. Describe the type you are after and they will be more than happy to unwrap it for your inspection – and keep unwrapping trees until you are sure you have the right one for your home! They’re not happy until you’re happy. Once you’ve found ‘The One’, your tree will be re-wrapped and carried to your car, or if you’d prefer, delivered to your front door.