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Christmas at Garsons

For an extra-special Christmas this year, come down and join us at Garsons where we have everything you need for a magical festive season. From decking the halls with sparkling decorations to creating the perfect table for your Christmas dinner to sourcing those elusive gifts for all the family, you'll find it all here.

What is more, you can take a wander through our Christmas tree forest, admire our tunnel of twinkling lights and journey through a world of decorating themes. We even have Santa's reindeer flying in for a visit!


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Christmas Events

How to dress your tree

Nothing beats getting in the festive mood like dressing the Christmas tree.

Why not make it a family occasion. Put some Christmas music on, share Christmas wishes and tales, whilst all taking part in decorating the tree.

Here are our top tips:

Position the tree in a corner that is not used too much and away from direct heat sources. 

Pick a theme for your tree. Whether it's a traditional theme, a cool metallic style, fun and festive, fantasy fairies, opulent and glitzy, Nordic or a natural woodland look, there is so much to choose from. Garsons have a vast range of themed tree decorations to inspire you and help create the perfect look.

First step is to add your tree lights, starting at the lowest branches (after checking all bulbs before putting them round the tree!!)

Choose decorations in the right size and scale to your tree. If you're going for a large tree, big is beautiful. For smaller trees, dainty decorations come into their own. Be sure to hang some ornaments closer to the trunk to create depth and interest.

Hang the biggest decorations first, then add in the smaller ones, stepping back from time to time to assess your handiwork.

If you wish to add garlands to your tree, do this before you add the ornaments, start at the top of the tree and slowly increase the amount of garland between each wave as you work your way down the branches. Plan to use about 2 strands of garland for every foot of tree.

Most of all, have FUN!!! Dressing a tree brings out the child in us all. It doesn't matter if the decorations are a bit wonky, so long as everyone is taking part and enjoying the festivities.

Finally sprinkle your tree with a little 'Christmas Magic' and Voila your tree is ready!!

To keep your tree looking at its best, follow these tips from our plant experts:

- when you get your tree home, if it's not frosty stand it in water overnight before bringing indoors
- to keep it fresh, remove one inch from the base to allow water uptake
- give your tree lots to drink - it is Christmas after all! - up to a pint of water each day will keep it in peak condition
- if possible, position the tree in the coolest part of the room

You can also choose a potted Christmas tree and keep it beside your front door, strung with lights.


Garsons Decorating Theme of the week

Welcome to Garsons Theme guide. Discover a world of inspiration this season, with all you need for a sparkling Christmas. This year we have 10 decorating themes, from the fairytale magic of St. Petersburg/Storybook Square to the refined serenity of Kyoto/Winter Gardens. This week week we are introducing Kyoto/Winter Gardens - a theme with a serene mix of soft pastel greens and crystal whites at Garsons Esher and an icy pallet of pastel greens and blues offering a fresh take on a cooling collection at Garsons Titchfield.

Kyoto theme at Garsons Esher

Winter Gardens theme at Garsons Titchfield

Treetops Glisten

Spruce up your Christmas!

Only the best British-grown firs and spruces are stocked at Garsons, so whether you're seeking an impressive centrepiece for your lounge or a potted spruce for the portch, you'll find just the tree among our magnificent selection.

Opting for a fresh tree doesn't mean you'll be knee-deep in needles as we source varieties renowned for their outstanding needle retention. We'll give you all the care advice you need and can even deliver to your door.

Talking of doors, why not adorn yours with a beautiful, handmade holly or fir wreath, and hang a traditional mistletoe spring? After all, you never know who may come to call!

Don't forget the turkey

Festive meats

Choose from farm fresh turkeys and many seasonal specials at the Butcher's Counter.

For the very finest meats, Bevan's Butchers at Esher and Owton's Butchers at Titchfield are both family-run butchers with a passion for quality.

Both share Garsons drive to give you the best meat from known origins, much of it locally sourced.

Skilled staff are ready to offer expert knowledge and cooking advice this Christmas.


Garsons Restaurant

Take a break from Christmas shopping in our welcoming restaurants for coffee and a freshly-baked mince pie or even a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. 

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