Reptiles are an increasingly popular pet as they don’t take up much space and with the right equipment and information they are very easy to care for. Many also make excellent first pets for children as they are docile, do not grow large and are easy to handle and look after.

We are now selling a range of reptiles, all of which are suitable for both the experienced and first time reptile keeper. These include Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Tortoises and Corn Snakes. For the braver amongst you, we also stock Giant Snails, Giant Millipedes and Tarantulas!

Along with the animals we also stock everything you need to house, feed and look after your reptile. Our vivariums are available flat packed or ready built and we offer starter kits, which include all essential equipment and a vivarium at an excellent saving.

To keep your pet happy and healthy we stock a full range of UV lighting, as well as heat mats, heat bulbs and thermostats. When it comes to feeding, not only do we offer ranges of dry foods for animals such as tortoises, but we also carry vital supplements as well as live food including locusts, hoppers, crickets, mealworms and waxworms. We will also be  stocking frozen snake food in varying sizes.

Our expert staff hold Animal Care qualifications and also have firsthand knowledge of keeping many of the reptiles that we sell, ensuring all your questions can be answered and enabling you to choose the reptile that is right for you.