Love your lawn

Posted: March 2012 | If your lawn has seen better days, aerate and scarify it. This is a job best done in spring and autumn, to keep your lawn in tip-top condition through the year.
A lawn which is poorly drained needs forking or aerating to a depth of at least 4″ to allow water and air to the roots. This is best done when the ground is damp. Push the fork in, then move the handle back and forth, to give it more air. Do this at regular intervals over the lawn to help air and water into the poor compacted soil. Sprinkling sand over the air holes will help with drainage.

Mossy lawns are best treated with a granular or liquid feed, which will blacken the moss. You can then give it a good rake with a spring tine rake, at the same time removing thatch from the base of the grass, allowing it to breathe.
Whether you have moss or not, scarify using a spring tine rake to pull out dead grass. Who needs the gym when you can work out in the garden? After all this, the lawn will look quite messy
but it will soon be in much better shape.

Every lawn needs a lawn edger, which are available in the garden centre. Edging your lawn is a quick way to get rid of the ragged spread of grass, making it look much sharper.
Want to patch up your lawn? If you lay turf or sow seeds in spring or early autumn it will establish quickly. Dig over the soil with a fork or spade, removing weed roots and large stones, then work in compost. Rake and level the soil, walk over it to settle it, rake again and the ground will be prepared for seeds or turf. For small areas, Patch Magic, available in the Garden Centre, can work wonders. Once done, stop the area from drying out and don’t use a lawn mower on it until you have strong, healthy growth.

Apply lawn food to established grass. There are different applications for spring and autumn – spring feed gets the lawn in good shape for the growing season and the autumn one will boost root growth and toughen grass to protect it over winter.
Doing all this is quite a good workout and your lawn will look considerably better as a result.